Above is my final entry with all the typos and catalogue cover layout.

There are something interesting about this.

First, I used Canva : https://www.canva.com/, which is a great tool to create something beatiful with images and texts. They have thousands ready templates for posters, magazine covers, Facebook cover.. and stuffs like that. I choose a simple magazine cover layout, called Bridal which was originally to promote food. I like its simplicity, bold and delicate layout that will suit best my rendering.

I tooked me 1 hour to figure out where to put the typos, scales, colors and what to write on the cover. After all, CANDLESTICK for the name of the magazine, ” THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT ” for the hilight text and a funny quote that I search on Google, keyword : ” candle funny quote “. I really like it : ” My girlfriend told me that if i bought her one more stupid gift then she would burn it. So.. I bought her a candle. ” See, everything can be Googled 😉

If you notice, all the texts have the connection in meanings, and they related to the subject of the cover. After all, it’s really all about the CANDLESTICK !

I am writing this at 12PM midnight and feelind tired but exciting that I can finish and share all the process making of this to you.

Hope you find something useful and have another point of view on how to accompish a client request, art direction and workflow.

Cheers !

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PS 2 : I’m thinking of creating a Patreon page, inspired by Johannes’ idea so I can share my personal projects work-in-progress, assets, tutorials, making of.. The cool thing is you guy can request me to do some projects that cover the topics you want to learn. If you are interested in, check it out : https://www.patreon.com/badung4pixos